New Beginnings

To start things off, I want to talk a little about the meaning behind the adverb I put in my blog name. I was looking for words that were similar to ‘eternal,’ because I love the thought of things being everlasting and infinite. When I came across boundlessly, which has a definition of “having no bounds; infinite or vast; unlimited,” I became excited for several reasons. The first was that alliteration is memorable and great for naming, but more importantly, it was also exactly what I was looking for!

Our minds are boundless, and this blog will be a sort of conglomeration of thoughts I have daily about the world around me. However, I believe we all often limit ourselves to the comfortable things we know well, rather than testing out our own boundlessness. One of my favorite comic book panels (featured below) speaks to the endlessness of the universe itself, and how it is a reassurance rather than something terrifying. I like to think back to this panel often, because it’s inspiring and propels me to think about life in a less structured way. The more we remind ourselves that “there’s no limit,” the more empowered we are to embrace opportunities to their fullest potential.


This panel was featured in Issue #17 of “A + X.”


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